Physics of Solar Cells

Preface: Mankind needs energy for a living. Besides the energy in our food necessary to sustain our body and it’s functions (100w) 30 time more energy is used on average to make our life more comfortable. Electrical energy is one of the most useful forms of energy since it can be used for almost everything.

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DIY Off Grid Powerwall (Recourses & E-Commerce)

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Buy DIY 18650 off grid powerwall kits, PCB cell board modules, battery modules, cell monitors, BMS “battery monitor safety”, individual battery “cells”, electronic hardware & more for DIY off grid electricity.

  • All projects on are guided, affordable, self made, and effective energy storage solutions for off grid appliances.
  • All items and kits include a detailed DIY video tutorial on how to assemble and operate.
  • All items are suited towards beating the price and performance of pre-assembled energy storage units on the market.
  • The items sold are designed to be infinitely expandable in power and performance.

website –

youtube –  youtube/jehugarcia

kit –

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