The Batman 2022 Review

The Batman 2022 Review


“Our scars can destroy us, even after the physical wounds have healed. but if we survive them. they can transform us. they can give us the power to endure. and the strength to fight.

Watching “The Batman” was an event for me, my partner, and my family. Watching the trailers, we had all collectively agreed on watching the movie together in theaters. Something we haven’t done since 2011, was a truly special event. Something I believe we’ll all remember for years to come. but I believe I can call myself a good batman fan. The past year, my brother gave me batman comics to read. I’ve especially loved early batman comics. Such as “Year one” or “The long Halloween” along with the psyche of “Ego” Watching a young formative batman stumble into being the caped crusader. Learning his morals and putting them into practice. It’s something I love and look up to. But this does make me biased in my view towards Matt Reeves “The Batman” Robert Pattinson is my favorite actor ever since I saw him in Good Time and The Lighthouse. His acting range is admirable. this being said, when I heard him being cast as the batman, I was amazed. But Robert Pattinson is my favorite live-action batman. He’s a smart extremely broken man who learns that *vengeance* is CORROSIVE. Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same people, Bruce learns in the movie he needs to separate himself from his alternative persona. Instead of letting them bleed into the same person. While I enjoy the previous live-action batman movies for their directions, I could never enjoy Bruce Wayne or Batman. They’ve never appealed to me. A batman that is “Emotionally destroyed” But throws lavish parties, without Bruce developing from his trauma. It’s something I loved about Pattinson. He’s obsessive and borderline insane. He’s a freak. He shows his no-kill policy and goes out of his way to save terrible people. Unlike Bale letting Ras Al Ghul die in Batman Begins. Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson know batman. They use the batman template and created a Batman that adheres to the template STRICT rules of No killing, no guns, while also creating a beautiful character. Look at Affleck’s batman, who straight-up uses a gun in the Knightmare scenes to kill people. or allowing them to get blown up in cars as collateral damage, branding them with the bat symbol. Affleck and Pattinson are night and day. Complete opposites. But reeves has created something beautiful. Vengeance is a corrosive force, as bruce learns over the events of the movie. For the bat symbol to be for hope, not just a tool for fear


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