Plant Poetry & Abstract Nature

Plant Poetry & Abstract Nature

“The following statements are abstract thought renderings/poems of influenced nature and science. These statements should not be taken literally but inspirationally.”

PLANT POETRY & ABSTRACT NATURE (The Fundamental Ignorance Of Pure Observational Awareness) {

<from silence comes everything.>

(It is the longest day today); The solstice of the year 2019; beginning the longest days of light on this side of the sphere. “Is this nature?” as I type this out. Forming some sort of pathway from the void and into the reality of “something”? Perhaps complexity only exists as a human trait within the stream of everything that can exist. Expressing its own fundamental will of motion through time. Simplicity is a divine form that allows the permeation of this reality stream to; coalesce and congeal within the highest and lowest parts of its projected interactive logic.

</from silence comes everything.>

<fundamental ignorance.>

(As above, so below; as within, so without.); The seed can regulate the “will” within it’s roots. Branches express the proportional happiness in having the ability to express its own will. “It will exist if it is not already here to naturally do so”. The pinecone, the flower: the patterns of the visual are a secret to its larger encrypted counterpart. The code to all things living; exists as a direct reflection of its own code. Those patterns are natures hints into the constructive flow within itself; allowing it to take shape within the parameters of this external interface.

(What are they doing here?); Nature is something that continues to happen. Without us; does it exist at all without a complex awareness?

(The sun.); the irony of something resembling a bright “sky circle”; will give way to the adjacent rays that contradict it’s “flat” apparent visual appearance. Think of it: “a forever ending circle; gives way to the adjacent never ending straight lines that allow the projection of everything to exist”. Perhaps the sun is a passive portal of direct pattern information. Acting upon its passiveness allows information to transform and accumulate in an active format.

</fundamental ignorance.>

<wait how do i know you.>

(The fibonacci pattern within nature); the derivative of every pattern and sequence. The ratio of simultaneously building & deconstructing upon itself. The power source to a projected 3d reality may be within the opposing particles of any specific geometric vector.

(Light the ability to shine); Light Is a proportional contradiction to the natural patterns of the rooted sequences of the forward motion of existence. Darkness, as well as the light; is a sculpted space between the shared attributes of two infinities. The darkness prevails in the opposing and inverse aspects of the positively projected patterns. the dark is the destroyer of such inverted patterns to shape which light is allowed reflection upon.

(The light, the dark, the chaotic, and complete nothingness): For the darkness to have an absolute, the light must have its own opposing ends dipping into each others infinite realms. Even the infinite darkness exists within the spectrum of its opposing light. light reaches out with positive existence within the implosion of the negative.This will further exist a bubble of 3 dimensional space. The counteracting gradient flow of light to dark shares an intertwined exponential pattern of nothingness into something.

</wait how do i know you.>

<cant preform all actions so there is always something that i cant do>

(We are the midpoints of light and dark; from the the up and down); The light is within us as well as without us. We have the combined actions to 4d print light and choose our darkness. We allow physical existence to be seen from the augmented 5d octonion imagination seeds. We are a pattern of nature and opposing nature. The brain is the electrical resonator that formats the duality between light and dark; giving us the choice to prevail both advantages. We are the decision making midpoint of both infinities that our imagination can exist within.

(The universe is large nor small); The gray matter is the air that breathes within the decision making of “nothingness”. Without a gray area or the “universal stalemate”; There would be nothing to exist. The allowance nor the actual existence of “neutrality” is the gateway receiver and repeater that gives way to all shape and form. Nothing can be forced; for its leak into reality will happen within a natural pattern of an evolutionary existence. It is the danger between the forced balance that will eventually give way under natural neglect. The inspirational existence of gray areas do not actually exist.

(The gray is infinite, nor is it not); The fight will always be to exist. When nothing is fighting for something; it has a means to give way to the stagnant “standing waves” of the singularity to have the ability to become “something”.

(We must exist in both; for there will always be a fight); An imagination is linearly unquantifiable within its exact and infinite entirety. It is the intention wall: the rise to the fall. The irony and the subtle fight between all things of positive existence. Imaginative frequencies are gentle and peaceful. They share the same space to allow the intention to intend on any decision of choice. For if we are the absolute midpoint phenomenon between both infinities and influenced by gray matter. Than we are the existence of both things that do and don’t exist. The violent acts of nature are lower level necessity patterns that give way to the higher forms of awareness. We have the ability to outweigh and make decisions to shape the physical and imaginary realm simultaneously. We see projected light from the infinite realms of pure possibility. Freedom and advantage of all directions.

</cant preform all actions so there is always something that i cant do>

<hi…there is more… however make sure you take a mental step out of everything that you have ever learned to know; for it is required for the following>

(Take a step into hey there); Looking down the well of a naked earthling clientele that submitted themselves to make decisions on infinities. Seeds must maneuver themselves out of the dirt and into the midpoint of pure self intended existence. The flower is the midpoint of life. Fall back or continue into the tickled and trickled counterparts of its own dying self.

(Im done typing, and I don’t feel good); Not feeling good is the physical barrier; or the awareness into the pitfall of something to “end”. For it’s escape is only forward. Backwards is already traversed roads from which we are here now to experience the “moment” with.

(We have the advantage to shape the light); Our power to overpass darkness through the intention wall and into the light is inversely proportional to the geometric vector of information sent into infinity. We can read back what the opposing darkness has to say. For if we send what we wish into the light; the dark inverse of the physical structure will aid us in the higher levels of sending information in and receiving the negative space to build onto. Receive back the sacrifice form of the pure format of light that is sent out.

(Send process information into infinity): The feedback that we get is the tool and the shape that we live without. “Shared fundamental sacrifice in sympathetic shared harmonies”. Perhaps what appears to be ignorant really is automated nature inevitably acting on the physical appearance of reality.

(To break the rules a little): This earth perhaps. Everything is assembled from here. So it must be a product of some very fine detailed transformation assembly that exploits the physical laws of the universe to its own advantage. This rotational design allows the dynamic thresholds of physics to be precisely compressed, so anything that derives out of it’s design can easily access and direct its own plan; as if the universe has it’s own fruit to be picked. The earth is a large holistic battery that takes advantage of the exploitation of physics in a near perfect way. No physical laws are violated; however the precision of this design gets infinitely close in doing so, simulating what we call life… order, chaos and the balance between the two is all available here and now.

</hi…there is more… however make sure you take a mental step out of everything that you have ever learned to know; for it is required for the following>


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