Animal Rights

Animal Rights

This is an essay I wrote for an ethics class.

When most of us see a cat, we say “awww” and give it a pet. But we’ll then go on to eat deer meat later the same night. Singer argues that ”we should give the same respect to lives of non human animals as we give the lives to humans.” I believe this is a fantastic way to look at how we treat animals. Animals have emotions such our most primal emotions like fear.

There’s a way that we can go about giving animals more rights. A fantastic first start to help giving animals more of a right is to look for alternative options instead of eating them. Along with finding a different solution to not test on animals with cosmetic reasons. While I understand that when it comes to science, there’s not a whole lot can be done when it comes to testing on rats because they have the most similar structure to us. But in the end, I believe science research is more important than rats. I believe that picking and choosing which animal is okay is a hard moral thought. But I do believe most animals should be approached with a Kantian approach. But there are grey areas, like I said above for scientific research. But I believe there’s a possible way to minimize it. I’m not a scientist and cannot come with any alternatives.

The IQ to join the spanish army is 70. The average IQ of a German shepherd is 60. that’s the average German shepherd. The spanish army will allow mentally handicapped men to join the army, but will eat pork. Pigs are much smarter than dogs. That statement ever since I heard it, didn’t sit right with me and made me uncomfortable. That we can eat pork and bacon for an animal that’s smarter than our average house pet. I realize that this is also based on culture. Such as in India, cows are sacred animals and should be treated like gods. While dogs are eaten in both Korea’s and China. It’s a cultural difference on which animals we will sacrifice in our countries. It’s something I think about often. I do believe there should be more education in schools to tell us about animals and what they go through. For example, factory farming is an extremely unethical thing to do, while there are much better options. But I do believe that animals and humans should be treated on the same level. I believe with Singer along with Regan.

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