36 Feelings

36 Feelings

This poem is a bit of an experiment. I asked followers on social media to submit one sentence summaries of their emotional states. I used these (36) responses as a word bank in an effort to gauge the collective emotional state of my community, and obviously myself. This was the result.


36 feelings


Jesus Christ I’m tired

All these changes

Like waves

Attack and overwhelm


Plastic friends

Craving emotions

Immobile and irritated:

the frustrated future


Summer, a poem

Genuine honest emptiness

Looming void

Weeks filled with dread


Disgusted at everything

I know something is missing

The world is drained

Of heart and good


Telling myself

I’m just sad as fuck

Happiness is selfish

And I’m annoyed regarding you


Today the world has

Motivated me to light my hair

to find out what my traumas became

My eyes healed but my home is mostly gone


My brother was too heavy

Stressed by life’s assignments

Social people come and go

Tired minds pretending


States change but life doesn’t wait

I cringe in my dreams 

With no relief

Ice people move ever forward


Middle world situation

Breaking down

I will be ok 

Or crazy


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